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How to write a Lawn Care Contract?

The contracts are written to ensure your own protection. A contract is an agreement between the customer and the contractor to avoid any misunderstanding in the future and to initiate your business in a legal and professional way.

The contract form should be professional looking and contain the best wording and appealing text. Besides containing all the necessary information about the customer, contractor and services, the form should be simple and easy to apprehend.

You should know that what things have to be included in your lawn care contract form before you write a contract. Keep the following points in view while writing your contract form:

  • It should mention the date on which the contract has been issued to the customer and the contractor.
  • Name of the customer and contractor that both may be the person or company.
  • The contract form should include a complete description of all the services you are providing to your customer. Be very clear in writing the services. Also, mention the frequency of work you will be doing for the customer. Clearly organize the services that would be provided regularly and occasionally. Also, make a clear description of the word regularly that may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly so mention it properly in your contract form.
  • The property and its location should be mentioned very clearly where you are going to provide your services and make the boundaries of the area very clear.
  • Next important thing is the payment. The decided rate should be written clearly inclusion or exclusion of extra charges and services should be given clearly. The payment of regular work and occasional work if written separately will work in a better way. Also, mention the frequency of your payment i.e. weekly, monthly or as needed. Decide and write about invoices if you want. The channel of payment should also be written like the check, cash, bank transfer etc.
  • You should also mention your right to terminate the contract in case the customer does not pay you.
  • Don’t forget to write about other issues like water usage, trash picking up, storms etc. Fertilizers payment, quality, and provision should be decided earlier and written in the form.
  • The right of a customer to take notice if the contractor does not come should be mentioned.
  • Termination of contract by either party with the conditions and terms should be mentioned.
  • Signatures of both contractor and customer.
  • The contact information should be provided at the end of both the customer and the contractor i.e. contacts number, email etc.
  • Your tag line or business logo should be present in the end of your contract form.

How to make a form:

To make a contract form is an easy task. You just have to follow the simple layout provided above that can be performed using any word processors. Using graphic design can make the form more professional. These contract forms can be edited for any new offer or new customer.