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What is squeeze page?

The term squeeze page has been used widely in online marketing. However, most of us do not know what does a squeeze page mean? Why is it used? Etc. We are here providing you with a brief introduction that may help you understand this term.


A squeeze page is a type of web page that squeezes out the information from the visitor. It is specific in its action to gather contact details. It serves the motive to catch attention following the completion of one specific function by the visitor.

Sometimes a squeeze page is considered as a landing page that emphasizes on signup and sign in options.

It is also known as an opt-in page with the goal of obtaining the email address of the visitor. A squeeze page needs the visitor to enter contact details or any code or your email address.


The structure of a squeeze page is simple with minimal content. You will find no navigation bars or any other links and are provided with a page where you have to perform only one specific action.

A squeeze page can be of different formats, two common formats are:

  • Pop-up Squeeze page:The page that floats on the top of your web page and may distract you. This is considered annoying and not effective. It can be good popup page with a cross mark present or a bad popup page with no option to close it.
  • Splash squeeze page:It is basically your homepage presented as squeeze page that sets the visitor free to choose and offers free navigation to the real homepage and a cookie added for regular visitors.

Methods to create squeeze page:

  1. Squeeze page tools: Several squeeze page generators are available like Wordstream.
  2. DIY: Manual formation like other landing pages.
  3. Word press plug-in: By using WordPress like Squeezeme, Current, Estate, Minimax etc.

Why use squeeze page:

A squeeze page only focuses on one service or product that it makes the visitor to take. It leaves the visitor with two options, either to take the specific action or to leave the page without taking any action.

It allows you to collect the list of emails of your visitors so that you can market your products and services to maintain high chances of success through follow-up marketing.

You can control the control conversation with the visitor and can send offers to build a good business relation with the contact information and effective conversation.

New types of squeeze pages like voice squeeze pages or visitor squeeze pages are put forth to make the web page catchy for the visitors.

An Effective Squeeze page:

An effective squeeze page should act like an ultimatum for visitor and he should be left with no choice except to take the one action he is asked to.

It should provide minimum and effective text and short form field.

You can use an Email course, EBook, templates, images or any other design as your page content to make it attractive.