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What is landing page?

Online marketing or digital marketing has gathered a lot of popularity, that use digital technologies for interactive marketing, promotion of brands and increasing the sale of your product or service. There has been a massive usage of a landing page in online marketing. Most of us are not familiar with the term landing page. We are providing you a brief description that what exactly is a landing page.


As the name entails, the landing page is the page where a visitor lands or arrives. It is a type of web page that opens right after you click on some link. A landing page should have a proper form and serve the main purpose to capture attention and information of visitor.

This web page was created by Microsoft in 2003 to improve and simplify the online sale process


A landing page is of three main types

  1. Reference landing page:

This type of landing page provides the visitor with the information that is relevant or needed by the visitor. It can be present text in the form of headings and subheadings, certain relevant image and links.

  1. Transactional landing page:

This type motivates the visitor to complete a transaction by taking specific action. Mostly it presents a form that is needed to be filled by the visitor like the email address that allows you to collect the information of visitor and can start a conversation to make a customer.


The design of a landing page is important and it should have unique ideas, format and layout structure to attract the visitors.

The landing page contains several blue bits that can be clicked to open new pages. The page should provide you the visitor clear options like signup, give feedback etc.

There is a form on a landing page to pursue conversion event to collect information of the visitor to give them something in return.

Why are landing pages needed?

The main purpose of a landing page is to make the visitor buy the product immediately. It is specifically designed to maintain a focused objective. It implies that there should be no navigation that connects it to the primary website. It serves the purpose to limit the available options to the visitor to help them stay focused on an intended goal.

It can be used for marketing campaigns to make your advertisement effective. It basically converts the visitors into sales. For this purpose, a squeeze page can be used as a landing page where certain contact information is required for further pursuing like contact name, phone number, codes etc.

All landing pages are web pages but not all web pages are landing pages. A landing page can be your home page, but a home page always makes a poor landing page. Similarly, a landing page can be a squeeze page that allows the visitor to perform a specific function.

Effective landing page:

You can make your landing page effective using following guidelines:

  • Using proper headlines to attract visitors
  • a descriptive and brief introductory text
  • Using lists to summarize benefits of product or service
  • A simple attractive invitation