Top 10 Best Landing Page Examples You Need To Focus On

When you think about the conversion, you must have to focus on that which part of the landing page is most important to your visitors. Every niche has its own focus point. Most of the industries focus on the top part of the landing page, above the fold, because the user gets there for the first click from the ad.

I am going to give you some extra ordinary the best landing page examples you must have to focus on. Each example has many thing you can consider into your landing page.

  1. LeadGen WordPress Responsive Landing Page


LeadGen landing page is well designed with 6 different pages. One page is Lead Generating with form on top. This is the best model of a lead generation page that forces user to fill up the form on first glance. On the other side of the form, there is a title of the products describing with bullet points.


  • Navigation that goes to same page: This is latest standard landing page having a navigation that leads to the same page section so you don’t have to go out of the page. 
  • Very clear headline: 99% readable headline. It’s so clear and to the point that you clearly understand what the service does instantly.
  • Demonstration of cleanliness: There are many steps used into this page and clearly demonstrated with different sections.
  • About the company / product: This type of section is really necessary to display some of the options of the products of company. Usually marketers neglect this section but this is quite important to describe of your product or industry.