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Dominate Your
Business On First Page With Thousands Of Geo Optimized Keywords

What Is Landing Page Blitz?

Landing Page Blitz by oLanding is new mass page building technique for a website that follows Google SEO guidelines and creates thousands of pages which target KEYWORD and City/State to generate more leads.


What Is The Benefits Of Landing Page Blitz?

There are very high chances to dominate your business on first of Google with competitive keywords

Why Google Loves Landing Page Blitz?

You know that Google always wants one landing page which should have very rich content for one keyword.
Landing pages Blitz are the responsive landing pages designed to target one specific service for one particular geographical location.
For example: you are in Garage Door Repair business and you have multiple services like Cable Repair, Spring Repair and Roller Repair, so you want to offer those services in different cities of Florida like Palm Beach. You must have to create one page that focuses on Cable Repair in Palm Beach and one page For Spring Repair in Palm Beach and one for Roller Repair in Palm Beach.
Now this is the stage where you need Landing page blitz which will target your each service to each county/state. It means if you have 10 services and you service in 20 cities, you need 10×20=200 pages.

Cost Effective Landing Page Blitz

When you are going to create a website for 10 services that target to 50 cities, you will have to create 500 pages; you can understand how expensive it is to make a website of 500 pages.

Landing Page Blitz is a fastest and cheapest way to create targeted mass pages



Let’s Look Into Deeper How Landing Page Blitz Works.

I am going to take a few months older website as an example www.SlabLeakServices.com that we made in Landing Page Blitz of oLanding.com


Google Page Speed:

First of all I would like to show you the page speed performance of the Landing Page Blitz.

Mobile Speed:


Desktop Speed:

Here is a live link of Google Insight Page Speed Test


Pages Indexed In Google:

In just a few months Google has indexed more than 273 pages with more than 500 keywords.

Click here to perform you own search result.

Key Performance

You can perform your own search by typing any of the keyword in Google.

Stability And Performance Of Clicks:

Slab leak industry costs almost $17 to $45 per click. If you got 26 clicks in months from one website, it means you are saving 1,125 on clicks and getting more organic clients.


Let’s take a look at the site map. Look how site map performs in every city and state with all the pages.


Ready To Dominate Your Business To Each City, County And State?

Let us create Geo optimized Smart Pages for your business and start spreading your business with highly lead generating keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, We believe in human written contents as the search engines do. And those contents are highly creative, industry specified and SEO optimized.

It depends upon your business what is your target. If you want your users to call, the Smart Pages will have prominent click to call button, but if your target is to generate leads using an opt-in form, we can create to focus on the form. But if you need to target both types of audience, we will make a pages that will encourage audience either call or fill out the form.

Yes, although you have many pages of your website but the purpose of your website is to display your company’s portfolio. On the other hand, the Smart Landing Page is made to target your one service in one specific location city of a state. And as many Smart Landing Pages as you have, you are most likely to dominate with thousands of keywords.

You don’t have to overwrite smart pages on your domain name. Your website will keep running as it is, you can create a new folder into your website like: www.youwebsite.com/service/Smart-Landing-Pages So, service is the new folder into your website and all the Smart Pages will be uploaded into that folder.

Yes, we provide smart pages with sitemap.xml that can be submitted into google webmaster tool.