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Lead generation landing page

Top 10 Best Landing Page Examples You Need To Focus On

January 31, 2017    

When you think about the conversion, you must have to focus on that which part of the landing page is most important to your visitors. Every niche has its own focus point. Most of the industries focus on the top part of the landing page, above the fold, because the user gets there for the first click from the ad. I am going to give you some extra ordinary the best landing…    read more 

Landing Page Best Practice

January 31, 2017    

Marketing landing pages are composed of a group of definable elements. These building blocks represent the foundation of most pages and can be used as a guide when defining and creating your content.   There are 5 core elements those needed on any landing page, Each element can be broken down further into a more detailed list of building blocks: Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) The main headline (caption), research has shown…    read more 

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