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The difference between Squeeze page and Landing page

The words landing page and squeeze page are extensively used in business and online marketing. Most of the marketers face trouble in understanding the differences between these two and use the words synonymously. There is a good chance that you also find it difficult to differentiate the two pages.

Technically the landing page and squeeze page are totally different web pages, serving different purposes. Here is a brief description of the differences between these two pages that might help you overcome your confusion.

A landing page, as the name implies, is the first page of any website where a visitor lands. It is basically a simple web page that you may see after you click on a link on some page of social media, email or any book.

A squeeze page being very specific in its action basically squeezes out the contact details from the visitor. It is a simplified form of landing page, serving the motive of catching attention of the visitor after he has completed one specific action. In most of cases, a squeeze page needs the entry of contact details or any code that have been sent to you.

Now you know the definition and basic idea behind both pages, let us scrutinize some other difference between landing pages and squeeze pages.

Considering the structure, a landing page contains several bits present in blue color, which a visitor can click to open new landing pages. This differentiates it from a landing page that offers only one action to be performed by the visitor, and does not offer more than one way to interact like there are no navigation bars or any other link present on squeeze page.

A landing page allows you to focus on a certain things like an ad highlighting your product or a particular service you want the visitor to notice first. There should be clear options on landing page for visitors like signup, buy stuff, share stuff or give feedback like options.

You can make home page, your landing page or it can be any other page. You should be very careful while making a landing page as it should follow a tight focus. It is also known as sales page owing to its purpose and contains long copy, headlines and guarantees to catch the visitors’ attention.

The main focus of squeeze page or opt in page is on one service or product or any other action it wants the visitor to take. Either the visitor takes the specific action or he can leave the page.

After entering the contact details on the squeeze page, it allows you to control conversation with the visitor. You are also allowed to send offers and can build relationship. A squeeze page basically increases chances of receiving contact details of the visitor and helps in making customers through conversation.

Remember your landing page can be in the form of squeeze page. To simplify, every squeeze page could be landing page but not all landing pages are squeeze pages.