How to create a video website like Youtube?


As you know that Youtube is one of the biggest and dominating website that allows you to host your videos and movie clips easily. You just have to create a Google account and upload your video by going into the Upload Section on the top right corner of the Youtube website.

Is that it? No, because you want your own website similar to youtube video where you can self-host your own videos.

Sometimes you also want to embed the video from different resources, and you need a highly create website that fulfill your requirement.

I will guide you how you can create your own video clip website and get rid of all the challenges that you will face to create a new website from scratch.

What Youtube does when you upload a video?

Did you ever notice that whatever format of the video you upload to Youtube, it automatically converts into different video formats; it means Youtube has very high level video converter script at the backend that converts your video automatically while uploading. So, you must have to have a website that has Self-Hosted Video options.

Here is step by step guide on how to make your own video sharing website

Now hosting a video site is very easy, I would definitely recommend getting MyTube WordPress Theme that has many useful options to self-host the videos and embed the videos from different sources.  MyTube is a one of the best wordpress video tube themes  that help you to create video sharing website like youtube.

Please follow the following steps to start your own video website.

  1. Download MyTube WordPress Theme
    • Go to oLanding marketplace and download MyTube WordPress Video Embedding theme.
  2. Once you download the theme, you will get zip file. Extract that .zip file, it will contain some folders included, documentation, mytube theme etc.
  3. Install WordPress to your server.