Best Reasons to Use a Landing Page instead of Homepage

We have got the best answers and reasons for you to use a landing page instead of the homepage. The landing page needs to be very clear and concise. It must be appealing enough to convert the visitors into permanent customers. Landing pages must be so determined and focused that it urges your website visitor to take or perform any action. The one reason behind a successful emerging online business is landing pages. They help to grow the economic market value of your products and business as well.

If PPC campaign is running or you are sponsoring something like eBook and promoting products via emails or social media marketing like blogs, TV, magazines etc. so it is advisable to use a landing page rather than putting people away from your website.

Each element has some specific purpose just like buying some product, getting details of any product, subscribing to newsletters, viewing a video or anything so the foulest thing you will do is to directing people to your homepage. All you need is just a landing page which performs a specific action which people wants to take.

Listed below are some of the important actions

Concentrate on conversion

Any website whether it is providing an e commerce platform or depicting the company profile provides the visitors lots of paths to follow while talking about the landing page, it helps you and allows your visitors to follow the same path which you want them to take. This feature have direct impact on your business goal so landing pages must be designed in a specific and unique way which will compliment your business goal.

For example, if the clothing brand is running ad on any website with the discount offer of 20%. If any visitor will click on ad then a landing page will allow your customers or visitors to land to your landing page with the same headline of 20% discount offer. Your customers will be able to get the information they require easily either through any video or any paragraph details.

Testing a landing page

If you want to increase the conversion rate of your visitors to customers all you require is a landing page is helpful because it allows you to test the different versions of your page. You can choose one of your permanent landing pages to the version which is progressively becoming the main reason for your investment.

However, it is impossible to do on the homepage.

Eliminating distractions

A landing page helps to remove and eliminate all the distractions that homepage attains for example like sidebar elements, teasers or the navigation bar or any other distraction which makes your visitor unable to reach goals.

Homepage distractions

The homepage consists of multiple distractions which allow users to reach or find the target information not so easily.

  • Open text homepage
  • Image slider which contains multiple photos and links to other content when you click on them
  • Navigation bar
  • Opening tabs and other teasers which lead to further more websites and content
  • Blog section
  • Consistently Updating news section and more

With all these distractions how can you convert your visitors into customers? The answer is simply no. To eliminate such type of distractions, the landing page is very useful and OpenText recognizes this. OpenText puts the focus on the landing page with the sponsored white paper based on Enterprise Information management.

The video or the content which provides the teaser is for you so that you can enter your information or details and download the white paper.

Variety of versions for different Ads

If PPC ad is running then you will have to confront many keywords, phrases and products. The best and the main advantage of a landing page is that it allows you to produce different versions equal to each ad. This feature is very important because when the researcher clicks the ad means he/she looking for something precise. The featuring ad must be promoting something relevant that’s why the visitor clicks on it and fulfill his search on your landing page.

You simply can`t add versions to the homepage so get the advantage of the landing page by creating the different version which matches your ad.

Versions for organic search

It is advisable and most recommended to create unique and specific landing page for each keyword so that each keyword must be targeted in the SEO campaign.

It should contain the following:-

  • The URL must possess the keywords
  • Title must contain the keywords
  • Page synopsis must hold keywords
  • Body of landing page also hold keywords

In order to target the keywords, it must be kept in mind that each and every page holds keyword or pairing of keywords. When your website homepage consists of many competing keywords or not the common keywords then it effects and holds down the rank of your website in the market and in being competitive. Competing keywords makes your homepage rank lowered down for various keywords which you have selected as a measure of your promoting approach.

The landing page

The landing page is also known as the hybrid home page. If the reasons mentioned above are not enough for you then you must have to take trend into account. The trend of most emerging websites and especially those websites which are available by technology companies online are 100% structured on landing pages. Examples of landing pages are:-

  • Dropbox
  • Kissmetrics
  • Lander
  • CrazyEgg
  • Hootsuite
  • CJ Pony Parts
  • Empire-CAT

All of the examples mentioned above do their businesses online and know what they are working for. If they have changed the format of their websites and switched to landing pages then there must be some reason behind it.

Next time when you will be running a PPC ad or running any social promotion then don’t forget to create a precise landing page. A change is necessary in order to boost and in establishing business and its goals. Never switch to homepage again and enjoy selling now.